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Xtreme Coaches for Summer 2018 Season:

Team: Name:   Played For: Experience:
Xtreme 2019 White Jackie Dando Messiah Head Coach Lebanon Valley College
Xtreme 2019 White Mike Chadwick WestChester Univ. Head Coach Conestoga Valley
Xtreme 2019 Red Brooke Sabol Wheaton College Assitant Coach Frankiln & Marshall College
Xtreme 2019 Red Brooke Stoltzfus Lock Haven / LVC Assistant Coach Manheim Township High School
Xtreme 2020 Red Erin Zimmer William & Mary Head Coach Hershey HS/ Assistant Coach LVC (previous)
Xtreme 2020 Red Abigail Zorrilla Shenandoah Graduated 2018
Xtreme 2020 White Jessica Jones Millersville Assistant Coach Eliabethtown HS
Xtreme 2020 White Ron Quinto   Assistant Coach Elizabethtown HS
Xtreme 2021 Red Mark Pinkerton Gettysburg Head Coach Manheim Township
Xtreme 2021 Red Maddie Eberly Lock Haven Graduated 2018
Xtreme 2021 White Bridget Kenny Gettysburg Assistant coach Juniata College (previous)
Xtreme 2021 White Veronica Venezia Lebanon Valley College Current player
Xtreme 2022 Bridget Martin Temple / Millersville Assistant Coach Manheim Township HS
Xtreme 2022 Megan Pinkerton Temple Xtreme Club coach 2013 to present
Xtreme 2023 Sean McCullough   9 years coaching in girls youth programs and Xtreme 
Xtreme 2023 Elizabeth Petrosky Duquesne Current Player
Xtreme 2023 Sadye Walker LaSalle Current Player
Xtreme 2024 Emily McBride Virginia Current Player
Xtreme 2024 Alex Rich Penn State Current Player
Xtreme 2025/26 Natalie Sukanic Millersville Current Player
Xtreme 2025/26 Coleen Parmer JMU (field hockey) Current MT Youth Coach
Little Xtremers 26/27 Skylar Dorenkamp St Jos Current Player
Little Xtremers 26/27 Sarah Elias LaSalle Current Player
Little Xtremers 26/27 Alyssa Penny Ursinus Current Player
Little Xtremers 26/27 Maris  Large Manheim Township / Vermont Current Player
Little Xtremers 26/27 Lizzie McBride Manheim Township / St Jos Current Player
Goalies Naomi  Radio Mt St Mary's Head Coach Juniatte College
Goalies Marina Venezia Lehigh Goalie Coach - Lebanon Valley College
Goalies Lauren Marte Lock Haven Current Player
Goalies Olivia Martin Temple Current Player
Golaies Haley McCullough Manheim Township Current Player